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Wind Turbine Inspections with Drones Yorkshire

Wind Turbine Inspections with Drones in Yorkshire

Drone wind turbine inspection is a safe and cost effective method of inspecting the turbine rotors. It is fundamentally important that wind turbines are inspected and maintained for optimum performance. Failure to maintain wind turbines can result in lower energy production and great damage to the wind turbine machinery. Using drone wind turbine inspections are far superior to traditional methods. The inspections are quicker and more cost effective than traditional rope access techniques and can be safely conducted from the ground. Our CAA licence allows us to fly to 400 feet high and with GPS and Lidar we can safely hover close to the wind turbines at that height.


Not only are our drones incredibly stable, but they are also fitted with powerful cameras that record images and video in great detail. Utilising both high resolution images and UHD Video we can obtain incredibly detailed information for the purposes of wind turbine inspection. Our drones also transmit a live HD Video feed to 2 ground monitors. This system allows an inspection engineer on the ground to see what’s happening live and direct our pilot if required. The inspection images from the camera are downloaded when the drone lands and these can then be studied in great detail on a computer.

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