Drone Roof Surveys for Schools

Drone Roof Surveys for Schools

The use of drones in roof inspection is becoming increasingly popular, especially for large buildings such as schools. There are several benefits to using drones for this purpose, including safety, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, accessibility, detailed inspection and time-saving. Hopgrove provide drone roof surveys for Schools in the Leeds area working with the Leeds local authority.

A Safer Way to Survey Your School Roof

Safety is a major concern when it comes to inspecting rooftops. Traditional methods require people to physically climb on the roof, putting them at risk of accidents and injuries. Drones eliminate this risk, as they can survey the roof without the need for people to be present. In addition to being safer, drones are also more efficient. They can cover a large area quickly, making it easier to identify potential issues with the roof. This can save time and money in the long run, as small problems can be addressed before they become bigger and more costly.

Hopgrove are CAA Licenced and Insured and we have ten years of experience in providing drone services.

Reduced Distruption

When it comes to inspecting the roof of a school, one of the biggest concerns is the disruption it can cause to the daily operations of the school. Traditional methods of inspection often require the school to be inspected when the pupils are not on site. Using drones for roof inspection is a wonderful way to reduce this disruption. Our latest mini drones are small and agile, which means that they can conduct the survey while the pupils are still in the school. This allows the school to continue running as normal. Moreover, utilizing mini-drones for the inspection can further minimize disruption. These small drones are specially designed to conduct inspections in tight spaces and can easily move through the school building, minimizing the need to close off any areas.

Additionally, the use of drones means that the inspection process is much quieter than traditional methods, which reduces the disruption caused by loud noise and vibration.

Large Cost Savings over Traditional Methods

The cost-effectiveness of drones is another key advantage. Hiring a person to inspect a roof can be expensive, especially for large buildings such as schools. Drones can save money overall, as they can be used multiple times for different inspections.

Accessibility is also a crucial factor to consider. Drones can reach areas that are difficult or impossible for people to access, such as steep or high rooftops. This allows for a more comprehensive inspection, ensuring that no potential problem such as damaged flashing gets overlooked.

Drone Images Provide a Detailed Date Stamped Condition Record

Drones also provide a detailed inspection, capturing date stamped high-resolution images and videos of the roof. This makes it easier to identify small cracks or other damage that may be difficult to see with the naked eye. This level of detail is essential for preventing future problems and maintaining the structural integrity of the building. Lastly, drones can save time when it comes to roof inspection. They can quickly survey a roof and provide data faster than traditional methods, minimizing the time needed for the inspection. This can be especially beneficial for schools, as it allows them to quickly identify and address any issues, ensuring the safety and well-being of the students and staff.

Nationwide Drone Roof Survey Services for Schools

Overall, drones are an efficient, cost-effective, and safe solution for inspecting the roofs of schools. They provide detailed inspections, reach inaccessible areas, and save time and money. With the benefits that drones offer, it’s easy to see why they are becoming the preferred method of choice for many building owners.

Drone Roof survey Costs

The cost to survey the roofs of a school will depend on the size of the site. Prices are from £350 to £500.

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