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How Much Does a Drone Roof Inspection Cost?

We price our drone roof inspections based on the size of the building as this reflects the time it will take to complete the job. Our drone pilots are very experienced, and we use the latest aerial inspection drones so large roof areas can be covered in a short space of time. This means that the cost of a drone roof inspection is much lower than other conventional survey methods. After the inspection, you will receive a set of high-resolution HDR images or HD Video.

High Resolution Roof Inspection Photography

It is vital that all the images that form part of a roof inspection are clear and detailed. For this reason, every image you receive from our pilot will not only be high resolution but also HDR (High Dynamic Range) This means that you will be able to see details in the shadow areas such as gutters and tight corners in unrivalled detail. Our drones are fitted with obstacle avoidance technologies allowing the close inspection of chimneys and damaged roof areas to be carried out safely.

Price Examples

For example, a drone roof inspection of a small building could cost as little as £295 for a set of images or HD video and a large factory or warehouse site would be around £500. For an accurate quotation please contact us today.

We cover all areas of the UK

From our base in Yorkshire we provide roof & building inspections in Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Birmingham, Hull, Nottingham, Coventry, and Liverpool. For large projects such as factories or Warehouses we can provide roof inspections in all UK areas.

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For a quick low-cost quotation simple send us the postcode location or a google earth screen shot of the roof areas to be surveyed we will then send you a fixed quotation for the work.
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