Drone Roof Survey Cost

Drone Roof Inspection Prices

Drone Roof Inspection Prices

Drone roof inspection prices are based on the size of the building as this reflects the time it will take to complete the job. Our drone pilot has 10 years of experience in drone surveys, and we also use the latest aerial inspection drones so large roof areas can be covered in a short space of time. This means that the cost of a drone roof inspection is much lower than other conventional survey methods. On completion of the inspection survey, you will receive a set of high-resolution HDR images or HD Video.

High Resolution Roof Inspection Photography

It is vital that all the images that form part of a roof inspection are clear and detailed. For this reason, every image you receive from our pilot will not only be high resolution but also HDR (High Dynamic Range) This means that you will be able to see details in the shadow areas such as gutters and tight corners in unrivalled detail.

Drone Roof Inspection Prices

The cost of a drone roof inspection is from £350.00 – £500.00 plus VAT


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