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Drone Photography Lancashire

Drone Photography Lancashire

Hopgrove Productions Ltd provides drone aerial filming and aerial photography in Lancashire for construction project monitoring and marketing. We also provide drone roof surveys of warehouses, schools and other commercial buildings in the Lancashire area. From our base at York, we deliver fully licence drone photography services using the latest drone technology. Our  photography drones deliver industry leading image quality and stunning 4k video. As a fully licensed commercial drone operator we regularly fly in all areas of the North West.

CAA Licenced for Drone Photography

We are CAA licenced and so we can easily arrange special flying permission to operate in any area of the North West and Lake District Area. We regularly provide drone aerial photography within the airport exclusion zones. To facilitate this our pilot contacts the CAA for special permission and works closely with local Air Traffic Control on the day of the flight. So, if you have a project near Manchester Airport or John Lennon Airport we can help. Our Services in the area include filming and photography in any City Centre which has restrictions on drone use is possible because our drone below the 250g restriction.

Drone Aerial Photography in Lancashire

We currently work with construction companies and surveyors in the North West who require clear and Sharpe aerial images. The images and video are used to keep their teams and clients up to date on the progress of the project. One of our estate agent clients who is based in Burnley uses our services for aerial photography. The images form part of the promotional material assisting in the sale of farms and buildings in the area.

Drone Roof Surveys

Hopgrove provide drone roof surveys for surveyors and building owners throughout the County. Our pilots fly specialised drones over roof areas taking high resolution photographs. These clear detailed images are studied on computer to assess the condition of roofs and gutters.

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