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Aerial Photography for Quarries using Drones

Drone Photography for the Quarry Industry

Hopgrove Productions have worked with many Quarries over the past 2 years providing drone photography and site safety videos. Historically the usual way of updating aerial photographs for the quarry industry was to book the services of an aeroplane to obtain several high altitude shots of the quarry complex. Using aeroplanes and a photographer is costly however, and the number and variation of photographs can be quite limited. And so many forward thinking quarry companies are now looking at drones to provide the images they require.

Our drone team regularly provides aerial photographs for Tarmac Quarries located in several areas of the UK. The quarry managers benefit from a large cost saving and ease of booking. In addition the wider range of images we provide from different heights and positions around the quarry make the images much more useful. Our drones carry the most powerful cameras available for medium sized drone and so the photographs produced are of exceptional high resolution quality.

Dene Quarry Derbyshire

We recently updated the photographs for Dene Quarry in Derbyshire. Here is a comment from the quarry manager there:

“Your service was superb and the set up and equipment you have in place is all very professional to which i was very impressed with!, especially with having the ability to zoom into any part of the quarry to capture specific area’s….without losing much of the image quality – Great feature !!”

“All in all, I couldn’t fault Hopgrove’s service or product and the images taken have turned out far better than I first thought they would with using a drone, I certainly didn’t realise how good these things can be, if it’s the right equipment for the job, which you’ve clearly invested in………., it just goes to show how technology has advanced!”

“I would highly recommend Hopgrove Productions”

Andrew Caile – Dene Quarry Manager

Other Services we provide for the Quarry Industry:

  • Large Printing
  • Artwork and Safety Boards
  • Site Safety Video Production
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