Event Filming Services

Video is the most powerful tool you can use, for promoting Live Events, Attractions or Facilities on Websites and Social Media platforms. We specialise in corporate event filming, utilising a range of the latest cutting edge technology, including Aerial photography Drones.

Bring Your Business to Life Online and Grab Attention

Using a combination of Ground Shots, Action Cameras and Aerial Filming, we can bring your location and services to life, and encourage viewers to contact you to find out more.

With more and more companies optimising their websites for video, and search engines increasingly including video in search results, video is now the fastest growing area of marketing.

Showcase Your Location and Facilities – from the Air

We use the world’s leading aerial photography drones to capture crystal clear HD Filming at any height from near ground level to 400 feet high, and they can even fly inside buildings.

This new technology is ideal to showcase your location and facilities, and utilising a state of the art 360 degree camera mount, we can also provide some amazing tracking shots of vehicles or wildlife.

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If you have an event or facility that you would like to promote in full HD video, we would love to discuss corporate event filming ideas with you. Contact us today

Our Services for these Films

  • Filming
  • Edit and Post Production Colour Grading
  • Aerial Drone Filming
  • Action Cameras
  • Planning and Storyboard
  • Onsite Logistics
  • Location Research
  • Audio Mixing
  • Special Effects
  • DVD and Blue-ray