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Hopgrove is a drone photography and aerial filming company based in the UK and you can hire our UAV drones to capture high resolution photographs and HD video from heights of up to 400 feet. From our base at York we cover the North of the UK from Birmingham to the Highlands of Scotland. We provide a wide range of drone hire services from 4k filming to aerial inspections of building and drone site surveys. We have full permission for aerial drone filming from the CAA and our pilots are BNUC licenced. You can book our drone team on a day rate and we can also provide full corporate film production services. Contact us here for an instant quotation

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Aerial Drones Photograph of a House

Drones are an ideal platform for photographers and film makers to present a subject in a unique, engaging and creative way. Drone photography does not replace a camera mounted on a conventional helicopter but instead opens up a whole new aerial image world. Our drones are electric powered and incredibly versatile, they can fly in places that until now would have been impossible, in fact the only limit to drones capabilities is your imagination! The cost of aerial photography using a UAV is much lower than a conventional aircraft and we can often be available at short notice. We also provide drone roof inspections and surveys which is safer and lower cost that any other high level inspection method.

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