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Hopgrove are one of the leading aerial drone filming and photography companies in the UK. Our UAV Drones capture high resolution photographs and HD video from heights of up to 400 feet. Aerial drone hire is available for any area of the UK and we are fully licenced, insured and approved by the CAA. Our aerial drones services are ideal for marketing or surveying and filming companies also hire our aerial filming drones which shoot full HD video and utilise the world most stable camera gimble system for professional results. NEW – Coming Soon you can also purchase a drone from our online store.

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Aerial Drone Photography

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Aerial Photography

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Aerial Drones Photograph of a House

Drones are an ideal platform for photographers and film makers to present a subject in a unique, engaging and creative way. Aerial drone filming does not replace a camera mounted on a conventional helicopter but instead opens up a whole new aerial image world. Our drones are electric powered and incredibly versatile, they can fly in places that until now would have been impossible, in fact the only limit to drones capabilities is your imagination!
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